Who I Am

My wife and I moved to the Augusta area during the Summer of 2019. Over the years we have lived in a number of places, but Indiana will always be "home." It is the place were we were born and we have spent the majority of our time there raising our two children. So we are Hoosiers at heart. However, ministry has led us to live in many wonderful areas. We have spent time in the big cities of Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis and we have also lived in a couple small communities in the Appalachian mountains. The call of ministry had even once taken us to Mexico where we spent nearly two years, first in a small village called Matachi, and then in the city of Chihuahua. Now that both our children are in college, new opportunites await us here in the Augusta area.

In addition to ministry, I have over 10 years of experience in Information Technology. My start began as a Graduate Intern in the IT department of a university while attending Seminary. The internship would later turn into a fulltime job as a User Support Specialist. I learned how to provide front line support through the help desk and user support in the offices and classrooms of faculty and staff. Prior to starting my own business, I was employed by a company that provided technology services and solutions to a large number of small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, and government offices. Through that job I learned the importance of building a relationship with the client and finding the best possible solutions. I also picked up valuable technical skills in the areas of network administration, server management, and data protection. Now, I am putting those skills to good use through my own service-oriented business that provides clients with the technology solutions that they seek.

Why I Do What I Do

My desire to start my own business is largely centered around a need that I have seen for churches and other nonprofits to have access to affordable technology services. While technology is meant to make our lives easier, it's expensive and those who know how to make it work demand top dollar for their services. My business is about finding solutions that meet a budget, while getting the desired results. This applies not only to churches and non-profit organizations, but also to small businesses, families, and individuals.

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Church &
Business man setting at a desk with a laptop

Small Business

Are the big companies that offer tech solutions not giving you the attention you need? Have you found that software vendors are too limited in their knowledge to help you with major computer issues? Sounds like you need a reliable partner. I have worked with countless small businesses to bring them the solutions they need at the time they need it. I have provided support for accounting and real estate offices; dentistry, optometry, and veterinary professionals; restaurants and retail stores; and many other small businesses. Click here to learn more about how I can help your business.

a church staffperson sitting at a desk with a laptop

Church & Nonprofit

I started my business based on a desire to provide services to churches and other nonprofit organizations. As a former pastor and missionary, I have been where you are. If you're like most churches or nonprofits, then you are being careful stewards of every dollar. This makes it difficult to afford the kind of technology solutions that would make your networks more secure, your data protected, or your presentations more presentable. I can help in these areas and with so much more. Click here to learn how. 

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Perhaps you're a college student whose laptop just crashed at the most inconvenient time. Maybe you’re a family whose home needs to be introduced to the 21st century. Or perhaps you’re a senior who needs help in understanding how all of this new technology can work for you. Whoever you may be, and whatever technological problems you might have, I would like to help. Click here to learn more about all of the different ways I can assist you with your technology needs.


On-site services are available to clients who are located within an hour of Goshen Elementary School on the southside of Augusta. This includes South Carolina locations.


On-site services are available to clients who are located within an 30 mins of Goshen Elementary School on the southside of Augusta. This includes South Carolina locations.


Limited services are available remotely to all clients for up to two hours per connection. Availability of remote support is dependent upon an Internet connection, the type of issue, and scheduling.